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Cluster Ring

Combine beads and spirals of wire for this delightful Cluster Ring. We join Linda Jones in her studio as she shows us this project from one of her books.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Petal Ring

Dress your finger in this gorgeous statement Petal Ring from wirework expert Linda Jones. Play with colour for something simply outstanding!

Presenter:    Everyone  

Herringbone Stitch Bauble

Yvonne shows you how to create this elegant and festive bauble, perfect for jazzing up a plain bauble. Use herringbone stitch to combine crystals and seed beads.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Crystal Bloom Bracelet

Chloe takes you step by step through the sparkling Crystal Blooms bracelet, as seen in Issue 25 of Bead, designed by Rebecca Anderson. Featured on the Editor's Picks DVD.

Presenter: Chloe Menage   Everyone  

Beadflow Bracelet

Create this elegant bracelet along with Linda Jones. Incorporate sparkly bicone beads as you go for this decorative piece.

Presenter: Linda Jones    Everyone  

Basic Beadwork: Square Stitch

Learn how to create square stitch, Chloe shows you the basics, including increasing and decreasing. Part of the Beadwork Tips and Techniques DVD.

Presenter: Chloe Menage   Everyone  

Elizabethan Links

Linda Jones shows your show to create delightfully swirly Elizabethan links using a wire jig- perfect for incorporating in a bead linked bracelet. There are plenty of variations for this bracelet and earrings to match.

Presenter: Linda Jones    Everyone  

Strung Bracelet With Cane Beads

David Christianson Cane beads are strung onto sterling silver beading chain with Swarovski crystals. The wire is crimped into sterling silver crimp ends and a clasp attached.

Presenter: Jennifer Airs    Beginner  

Beadalon Bracelet

Use Beadlon beading wire to string colourful lampwork beads with sterling silver for an elegant project, perfect for using up lovely lampwork beads.

Presenter: Michaela Carrington   Everyone  

Fluttery Antique Earrings

Create these quick and easy butterfly earrings along with editor Chloe. Designed by Chrystal Adcock, these earrings featured in Issue 31 of Bead and can be found on the Editor's Picks DVD.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Basic Beadwork: Peyote Stitch

Learn the basics of Peyote stitch - one of the most useful beading stitches. Chloe takes you through getting started. Also on the Beadwork Tips and Techniques DVD.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Crystal Star Pendant

Try your hand at this delightfully sparkly pendant designed by Judith Hind. Editor Chloe takes you through the steps to recreate your own - as seen in Issue 26 of Bead. Perfect as a pendant or for hanging on the Christmas tree. Part of the Editor's Pick DVD.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Basic Beadwork: Brick Stitch

Get to grips with brick stitch - this is a really versatile stitch and Chloe shows you all the basics. Part of the Beadwork Tips and Techniques DVD.

Presenter: Chloe Menage   Everyone  

Lily Hairband

Linda Jones shows you how to use wire and beads to crete a stunning hair accessory that is ideal for a bridesmaid.

Presenter: Linda Jones    Intermediate  

Black Coral Twig Necklace

Join Harriet from Ilona Biggins as she shows you how to create this stunning yet simple necklace, incorporating Black Coral Twigs.

Presenter: Harriet Biggins    Everyone  

Textured Beads

Join polymer clay expert Bonnie she shows you how to add texture to your work and create incredible textured beads and pendants.

Presenter: Bonnie McGough    Everyone  

Mother's Bouquet Brooch

This brooch doesn't have to be for the Mother - the bride may want to keep it. Linda Jones shows you how to use wire and beads to create this pretty accessory, perfect for a wedding.

Presenter: Linda Jones    Beginner  

Tennis-Style Bracelet

Chloe shows you how to create this versatile Tennis Style bracelet as featured in Issue 27 of Bead. Designed by Bobby Gedling, go for the dainty look or try out this slightly more ethnic style. Part of the Editor's Picks DVD.

Presenter: Chloe Menage   Advanced  

Silver Cluster Choker

In this film Michaela demonstrates how to make this beautiful silver cluster choker using silver lampwork bead.

Presenter: Michaela Carrington   Everyone  

Butterfly Hairpin

A delicate decorative hair accessory to suit any and every bride's special day.

Presenter: Linda Jones    Intermediate  

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