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Vintage Heart Pendant

Diana shows us the technique for making this beautiful vintage heart necklace. She was inspired by her mother for the idea.

Presenter: Diana Casey    Everyone  

Domino Necklace

Diana Casey, an artist from rural Arizona has some fan tastic ideas. This domino pendant should surely inspire your next project.

Presenter: Diana Casey    Intermediate  

Microscope Necklace

Diana brings us a fabulous necklace concept, using the slide of a microscope. Don't worry, there's nothing microscopic about it!

Presenter: Diana Casey    Intermediate  

Copper Beads

Diana brings us a fun one, where she shows us how to make beads out of copper wire. You will need a hard surface for this one!

Presenter: Diana Casey    Intermediate  

Meet Diana Casey

Arizona based Diana Casey sits on the Bead TV studio couch with Bailey Miller so that we can learn a little bit more about her!

Presenter: Diana Casey    Everyone