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Advanced Viking Weave Chain

Take your viking weave one step further with Darlene Richter. First she will show you how to create the chain, then incorporate it into a bracelet.

Presenter: Darlene Richter    Advanced  

Making a Beaded Fibula

Darlene teaches you not only what a fibula is, but how to make your own. This is a great piece for some variation on the average brooch.

Presenter: Darlene Richter    Intermediate  

Making a Crazy Necklace

In this segment, Darlene Richter teaches you to make a necklace with any shapes and textures you want. Be sure to get your torches ready!

Presenter: Darlene Richter    Intermediate  

Meet Darlene Richter

Bailey Miller sits down with Darlene Richter to find out where she finds inspiration and how she makes her wonderful jewelry.

Presenter: Darlene Richter    Everyone