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Make your very own Powderpool beads made using white enamel on a base of reactive copper green glass. Finish it off with lovely pools of Rebecca Weddell's favourite colour, teal.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Everyone  

Cartoon Flowers

Surface decoration of a simple round bead creates these fun and funky flower patterned beads.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Everyone  

Meet Rebecca Weddell

Chloe Menage introduces lampwork artist and regular Bead TV presenter Rebecca Weddell.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Everyone  

Reactive Stripes

Join Rebecca Weddell as she shares with you how to make these beautiful reactive stripe beads. Use beautiful layers of blue and green glass and finish with reactive Reichenbach glass.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Beginner  

Powder Plaid

Rebecca Weddell shows you how to incorporate enamel powder with reactive Reichenbach glass to create these stunning beads.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Intermediate  

Organic Stripe Beads

Join Rebecca Weddell as she demonstrates how to make a beautiful Organic Striped bead. Use silvered ivory stringer to create this floating stripe.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Intermediate  

Summer Star Bands

In this film Rebecca Weddell demonstrates how to make Star Band Beads incorporating frit. You can also read Rebecca's tutorial in issue 32 of Bead Magazine.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Beginner  

Spacescape Focal

Create a beautiful focal bead using silvered ivory stringer. Rebecca Weddell shows you how.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Intermediate  

Star Band Beads

Rebecca Weddell shows you how to use striped stringer application on clear glass beads and leave them raised in these cute beads.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Beginner  

Liquid Lights Focal Bead

Use shaping, silver fuming and dot application techniques in this advanced piece. Rebecca Weddell which took first prize in The British Bead Awards 'Handmade Glass Beads and Components' category with her Liquid Lights Focal.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Intermediate  

Spiral Disc Beads

Use the stretch and wind technique to create these simple beads.

Presenter: Rebecca Weddell    Intermediate