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Chain Drop Earrings

Mel Brooke looks at the best way to use your leftovers from the Lucious Layered Nude necklace from Issue 21 of Bead to make some fantastic earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Pretty in Pink Necklace

Get Pretty in Pink! Mel Brooke shows how to make an organza ribbon/cord necklace with acrylic flower and glass pearl charm clusters.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Everyone  

Pretty in Pink Earrings

Mel Brooke makes complementary earrings to match the Pretty in Pink necklace featured in an earlier film. She uses the same beads and pearls.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Beaded Triangles Statement Necklace

Mel Brooke uses spectacular seed beads to create triangular elements on this eye-catching collar style necklace.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Pom-Pom Squiggle Necklace

Mel Brooke shows you how to make some contemporary, fun squiggly wire spacers which you can then use on a necklace with larger beads.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Chunky Chainmaille Style Earrings

Mel Brooke uses large jump rings to make an 'on trend' pair of fabulous chunky chain maille style earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Charming Chain Earrings

Mel Brooke shows you us an alternative way to use chain to create a cool effect on these earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Beaded Wire Flower Elements

Mel Brooke is in the Bead.TV studio showing how to make some pretty beaded flower elements that can be used in a variety of jewellery projects.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Intermediate  

Nautical Loop Bracelet

In this video Mel Brooke shows you how to use 'tiger tail' and callottes to create circlets for a nautical theme bracelet.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Flower Clasp Bracelet

Mel Brooke shows you how to use 'tiger tail' and crimps to make a simple, beginner level bracelet with a pretty flower toggle clasp as a focal point.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Blue Floating Bubbles Necklace

Watch along with Mel Brooke as she makes this deceptively easy but stunning necklace. A great project for beginners as you need virtually no tools or previous experience.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Double Strand Tiger Tail Earrings

Mel Brooke uses 'Tiger Tail', crimps and covers to create a great pair of dangly crystal earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Tiger Tail Loop Earrings

Mel Brooke shows you how to make a simple loop out of 'Tiger Tail' onto which you can thread beads for a pretty, lightweight pair of earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Sparkly Statement Hoop Earrings

Make a pair of Sparkly Statement style hoop earrings using wire to make the hoop bases yourself.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner   Part of Series

A Double Stranded Floating Necklace

This great project uses delicate strand of tiger tail, crystals, glass pearls all crimped into place to make a fantastic looking necklace.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Simple D.I.Y Hoop Earrings

Learn how to use wire to form your own hoop base for earrings. Mel Brooke shows you how step-by-step.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner   Part of Series

Boho Style Hoop Earrings

Learn how to use pre-formed hoop findings and make simple bead charms to create 'boho' style earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner   Part of Series

The Bling Ring

Use your crystals and beads in this great program to add a touch of bling to any outfit. Mel Brooke shows you how!

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Snow Queen Delight

You'll see just how simple it is to make this dramatic necklace with it's sparkling pendant, white, blue and silver elements and magical wintry feel

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Chunky Bead Necklace

Follow along with Mel as she shows us how to create a great chunky bead necklace. This versatile necklace can be worn with anything!

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Spiral Calypso Earrings

Another great project from Mel Brooke. In this programme she makes a pair of bright and funky earrings with a twist.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Here Comes the Bling Earrings

Beautiful pearl earrings, to match the bracelet Mel Brooke made in an earlier workshop. The earring are lovely on their own too.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Here Comes the Bling Bracelet

Make a beautiful freshwater pearl and crystal rondelle bracelet with Mel Brooke. And don't miss the programme to make matching earrings.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  

Memory Wire Bracelet

With this springy flexible bracelet, the only limit is your imagination. Go wild with colour and style.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner  


Join us as Mel Brooke gives a detailed demonstration on how to make a beautiful tiara using beads and wire. A tiara can be a beautiful accessory for any day.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Intermediate  

Knotted necklace

In this video, Melanie Brooke shows us how to make a pretty knotted necklace using simple overhang knots, wax chord and a selection of beads.

Presenter: Mel Brooke    Beginner