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Beaded Cone Flower

Beth Kraft shows you how to add to your fantasy flower bouquet with this lovely cone flower project. Customize your own flowers.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Everyone  

Beaded Statice Flower

A simple way to add a wonderful touch to your fantasy flower bouquet. These flowers make the perfect filler. With Beth Kraft.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Everyone  

Filigree Jewelry

Join Beth Kraft from Nordic Gypsy Beads and Jewelry in creating a set of beautiful filigree jewelry. She'll demonstrate both earrings and a pendant.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Advanced  

Beaded Ladder Ornaments

Follow along with Beth Kraft as she demonstrates making a beaded Christmas ornament to make those hanging bulbs look just a little more festive!

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Porcupine Beads

Beth Kraft shows you how to create a funky bead made of different size and color beads, arranged in a fun fringe about a small ring.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Loop de Loop Necklace

Beth Kraft shares a simple and creative necklace that uses small beads and beading wire. Make your own Loop de Loop necklace with Beth's tips!

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner  

Brickstitch Pendant

Beth Kraft demonstrates how to do a brickstitch on any ring, and then how to turn your creations into beautiful pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner  

Garden Trellis

Beth teaches us the "Garden Trellis," using seed beads and Fire Line. Learn to make bracelets and necklaces with this fun pattern!

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner  

Harmony & Melody

Beth shows us how to make a bead pattern using crystals and pearls on sterling silver wire. She calls this pattern "Harmony & Melody."

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Beaded Watchband

Beth Kraft gives us a tutorial on how to put together a multi-strand, semi precious stone watch band.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Ndebele Bracelet

On location at Nordic Gypsy Beads and Jewelry we are shown how to make a Kaleidoscope Ndebele Bracelet.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Snake Knot Bracelet

This is a great bracelet for men and can be done in a variety of colors and materials. Beth Kraft gives a detailed demonstration.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner  

Wild Women Pins

When completed, this fun wire and beading project can be worn as a pin or make for a nice collectable.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Intermediate  

Beaded Bangle Bracelet

This beaded bangle bracelet is a simple project made with wire. You can use craft wire to get started as Beth Kraft explains how.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner  

Boardwalk Bracelet

Betsy Singer joins bead designer Beth Kraft in this fun tutorial. Beth shows us how to create a Boardwalk bracelet with a square stitch.

Presenter: Beth Kraft    Beginner